I love a good ole’ protective style during certain seasons of the year. For example, during the winter season, I prepare my daughter’s scalp for box- braids. Days leading up to braiding, I let her hair free from any tight or heavy hairstyle. Usually, a loose bun works for her.

On the day of braiding, I shampoo her hair, deep condition, massage with Udoraah Scalp Oil, and moisturize her hair. I typically install twelve large box braids that will hold her for four weeks. I make sure that her braids are not tight which can lead to scalp pain or soreness. The time frame of keeping in braids varies from individual to individual. Whether braids are micro or large, it has been said by reputable stylists not to go past the two-month mark.

From my experience braiding my daughter’s hair, going past four weeks is detrimental to her hair health. Her hair would become matted, and challenging to remove the braids.  Are your go-to protective styles, braids? If so, how do you prepare?

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Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, License